Microwave Products

A & B Die Casting

Complete Aluminum die casting service for low and medium volume, from design to finished parts; Complete in-house tooling with inserts and CNC machining.

Croven Crystals

Design and manufacturing of high quality quartz crystals.


High-power waveguide isolators, circulators, filters, high power loads, E and H field bends, gaskets, and integrated waveguide assemblies.

FEI-Elcom Tech

Frequency Sources: Including Broadband Direct Analog, Indirect PPL, Narrow Band, Fast Switching, Low Phase Noise Frequency Synthesizers, VME/VXI Based Tuners and Phase Locked DRO's, Block Up and Down Converters.

Ion Beam Milling Inc.

Standard and custom thin film circuits including attenuators, spiral inductors, heat spreaders, transmission lines, standoff capacitors, and chip resistors. Services that include Ion Beam etching and precision dicing of various materials.

Jim D. Gray & Associates

Full line of ceramic patch and coaxial GPS antennas in both active and passive configurations.

Compel Electronics Inc. / Response Microwave

Coaxial, multi-pin and fiber optic connectors, adaptors & cable assemblies, and HYBRIDLINE drop-in couplers.

Mercury Systems

Microwave Components group develops ferrites, mixers, high power amplifiers and switches, VCOs, and low noise products for Aerospace and telecommunications markets.

Micro Lambda Wireless Inc.

YIG Components and subsystems: Filters, Oscillators, PLO’s, Synthesizers.

Mitsubishi Electronics America

Transistors: GaAs FET ; Low Noise, Medium and High Power. RF Power Modules and MMIC’s for Wireless Applications.

RLC Electronics Inc.

Coaxial and waveguide switches, filters, low, high and bandpass, waveguide and coaxial cavity, power dividers, bias-tees, pick-off tees,couplers and detectors