Optical Products


Laser diodes and diode pump laser modules for telecommunications and sensor applications.

Compel Electronics Inc. / Response Microwave

Coaxial, multi-pin and fiber optic connectors, adaptors & and cable assemblies.

Ion Beam Milling Inc.

Standard and custom thin film circuits including attenuators, spiral inductors, heat spreaders, transmission lines, laser diode submounts. Services include Ion Beam etching and precision dicing of various materials.

Micro Lambda Wireless Inc.

YIG Components and subsystems: Filters, Oscillators, PLO’s, Synthesizers.

New Ridge Technologies

Optical Instruments, OSA, Polarization Controller, Polarimeter,PMD Sources

Otto Components

SMarTclips fiber management hardware for optical fiber packing applications.

RLC Electronics Inc.

Coaxial Switches: DC to 65 GHz. Filters: 4th Order, Jitter, low, high and bandpass. Attenuators: fixed and programmable, Bias -Tees and terminations.