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Dura Electronic Sales (DES) is a manufacturer’s sales representative organization specializing in RF, Microwave and Optical devices, components, subsystems, and test instrumentation representing clients in Northern California and Northern Nevada.

Power and low-noise GaAs and GaN FET/MMIC's, RF power modules, microwave mmwave inductors, crystals, laser diodes and modules, fiber routing clips, microwave and mmwave MMICs

VCO's and synthesizers, YIG-based oscillators/synthesizers/filters, waveguide isolators and circulators, waveguide rotary joints, filter connectors, connectors, adapters, cable assemblies, hybrid line couplers, rotary joints, filters, power dividers, switches, attenuators, bias tee's, detectors, GPS antennas, laser diode sub mounts, heat spreaders, microwave and RF multiChip modules (MCM). Optical (EDFA) amplifiers, RAMAN amplifiers, fiber lasers, ASE sources, externally modulated fiber laser

Custom Integrated Microwave Subassemblies
Switch matrix
High-power waveguide assemblies

Antenna systems
Block up/down converters, receivers



• RF/Microwave/Wireless
    Synthesizers — hand-held and bench top
    Tunable YIG Filters


• Thin film circuit fabrication

• Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)

• Casting and Machining Services

• Metals, Aluminum, Zinc, and Magnesium

• Casting Methods, Precision Die, Plaster Mold, and Precision Sand

• Machining