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Dura Electronic Sales (DES) is a manufacturer’s sales representative organization specializing in RF, Microwave and Optical devices, components, subsystems, and test instrumentation representing clients in Northern California and Northern Nevada.

Power and low-noise GaAs and GaN FET/MMIC's, RF power modules, microwave and mm wave inductors, crystals, laser diodes and modules, laser diode sub mounts, fiber routing clips, microwave and mm wave MMICs

Mixers, Isolators & Circulators, Limiters/Detectors, Microwave, RF, and Millimeter wave Amplifiers, VCOs, High Power Limiters & Switches, LNA’s, Digital Phase Shifters, Coaxial Circulators and isolators

Attenuators, Digital Switches, Noise Sources, Integrated Component Assemblies, YIG-based oscillators/synthesizers/filters, waveguide isolators and circulators, waveguide rotary joints, filter connectors, connectors, adapters, cable assemblies, hybrid line couplers, rotary joints, filters, power dividers, switches, attenuators, bias tee's, detectors, GPS antennas, , heat spreaders, microwave and RF multichip modules (MCM)

Space Qualified Components

Optical Components
Laser diodes, diode pump laser diodes, laser modules

Custom Integrated Microwave Subassemblies
Switch matrix
High-power waveguide assemblies

Antenna systems
Block up/down converters, receivers


• RF/Microwave/Wireless
    - Synthesizers
    - Tunable YIG Filters
    - RF Signal Sources



• Thin film circuit fabrication

• Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)

• Casting and Machining Services

• Casting Methods, Precision Die, Plaster Mold, and Precision Sand